Demeter (FOODMAP): The Torch-Bearer for Smart Farming Excellence

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Pham Ngoc Anh Tung, Founder, Demeter (FOODMAP)Pham Ngoc Anh Tung, Founder
Demeter, one of the oldest deities in the ancient Greek pantheon, is often depicted with a torch and a cornucopia (horn of the plenty), which signify her role as the goddess of agriculture. As a deity who bestowed fertility unto the earth, she was greatly revered by the people as the protector of agriculture and farming and a symbol of hope for farmers. Thousands of years later, the need for plentiful yield is still the same, only difference; it has increased a hundred-fold. To fulfill this need, a promising smart farming solution provider has emerged in the modern agricultural landscape. As the namesake of the ancient goddess of agriculture, the AgTech company, Demeter (recently renamed as FOODMAP), empowers farmers with world-class management and technological innovation.

Demeter’s vision is to drive the value of agricultural products by fostering robust collaboration between skilled engineers and leading industry experts from around the world. The company seeks to bring ease into the life of farmers by providing capable solutions at an affordable cost. By bolstering the local agricultural landscape, Demeter is successfully increasing the value of Vietnamese agricultural products that meet international standards.
The company is simplifying the daily activities of farmers by leveraging the power of smart sensors and data analytics. Every day, Demeter’s customers are achieving unprecedented results with its robust tracking, analysis, control, and sharing solutions.

Demeter’s vision is to drive the value of agricultural products by fostering robust collaboration between skilled engineers and leading industry experts from around the world

No matter how farming technology advances, the dependence of farmers on nature is imperative. However, nature is a fickle friend, and without knowing the sudden changes in climate, weather, and soil, farmers cannot take the necessary measures to protect their crops. This is where Demeter steps in, using smart sensor systems to collect crucial data regarding weather, moisture, light, temperature, fertilizing, and other important factors such as crop condition and livestock health. Besides, the wearable sensors attached to the farm animals monitor their respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, reproductive cycles, and other important vitals. This data directly goes to a cloud platform, where it can be viewed by users through their mobile devices. Alongside the tracking capabilities, Demeter leverages robust analytics to process the data and draw relevant insights, which in turn empower prediction and optimization. Informed by these insights, Demeter equips farmers with automatic control systems to help farmers to increase their yield and enhance the quality of their products. The solutions offered by the company are geared toward connectivity and collaboration. To drive farming excellence among its customers, Demeter promotes sharing of the acquired information between farmers, experts, suppliers, and other market leaders. Besides, the company is bolstering the capabilities of its portfolio with new and innovative upgrades.

The AgriTech solution provider has set up a broad network of customers, which includes both agricultural firms and farming households. Fueled by robust, cutting-edge farming solutions, Demeter is empowering them to take complete control of their resources. The skilled workforce at Demeter serves as an engine driving the company toward market success. The leaders and employees at the company are striving to assist farmers in getting the best value from its solutions. By encouraging the adoption of smart technology, Demeter seeks not only to improve the yield but also to enhance the quality of the produce. Demeterplans to approach familiar markets among its neighbors, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. For the Vietnamese firm, the next step will be to expand its footprint across the world.
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Demeter (FOODMAP)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Pham Ngoc Anh Tung, Founder

Demeter is a Vietnam-based smart farming company specializing in the development of robust solutions for farmers. Founded in 2017, Demeter is driven by skilled engineers working in collaboration with leading industry experts from Israel, Japan, the United States, and Thailand. The vision of the company is to provide farmers with access to world-class smart technology at an affordable cost, thereby increasing the value of Vietnamese agricultural products, while also meeting the international standards. With its state-of-the-art solutions, Demeter seeks to unlock the value from farm data and give farmers total control over their produce

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